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W elcome to the world of the Paso Fino horse,  a horse bred for over 500 years for its natural, smooth 4-beat gait.  

Owning a Paso Fino is a true investment ....your return will be the exciting experience and pleasure of riding the smoothest horse in the world! 

Whether you're interested in quality show or breeding stock, or just a exceptional family pleasure horse, the Paso Fino heritage runs deep in his blood.  Refinement and elegance are trademarks of a quality bred Paso Fino.  His nature is one of intelligence and curiosity with a desire for interaction with people. He is gentle in hand yet displays animated "brio" under saddle.

We at Los Caballos de Mayo Paso Fino Farm would like to introduce you to this magnificent breed and our selection of exceptionally fine quality horses.  Los Caballos de Mayo Paso Fino Farm represents over 20 years of knowledge  and expertise in the breed. We extend a personal invitation for you to enter our website and enjoy the wonderful world of the Paso Fino!


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